About our company

CLTEST OÜ is focused on the product and production, resulting in reduced environmental impact throughout the life cycle. Raw material sourcing, production process, use phase and recycling have been analyzed.

Who we are?

CLTEST OÜ is a Nordic woodworking company that produces contemporary building materials from wood that is a renewable natural resource using modern technology and knowledge.

CLTEST OÜ is a company that starts the production of cross laminated timber in 2019.

The owners of the company have woodworking education and have worked in leading positions in the wood sector since 2005- they are professionals in their field.

How and what we do?

CLTEST OÜ produces cross laminated timber with following measurements:

- length up to 13.5 m
- width up to 3 m
- thickness up to 0.4 m

Plates can be cut with the required shape, with holes (for doors, windows, etc.) and recesses using a CNC machine.

CLT can be produced in different quality depending on the use and goal:

- with non-visible quality, which is a constructural element and is coated with another building material
- with visible quality, where one or both sides of the panel remain visible during use

High quality certified wood is used as raw material.


The production of CLTEST OÜ is highly automated.

CLTEST offers ready-to-assemble, fully finished three-, five- or seven-layer, 60-400 mm thick, up to 3 m wide and up to 13.5 m length cross laminated timber panels.


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